Stained Concrete Fort Worth


Many concrete contractors nowadays are integrating Fort Worth concrete staining because of its increasing popularity in residential and commercial settings. It has several advantages, such as lower upkeep, durability, and cost savings, making it the ideal option for almost any renovation project. Generally, this revolutionary flooring type is fast becoming trendy with numerous homeowners nowadays since it gives a distinctive visual appeal by combining many decorative designs & uses. Allow us to share several key advantages of using acid stained concrete floors Fort Worth, whether for your business or home.


Elegant, stylish, highly decorative stained concrete Fort Worth Texas flooring is available in an assortment of rich stains and appealing colors to produce the unique effects and appearances you wish. Call us to discover more about installing stained concrete flooring into your business or home can create a luxurious feel you never even thought possible.

fort worth texas stained concrete

Cost of Concrete Staining Fort Worth TX

The price of stained concrete Fort Worth, TX, varies significantly. For a regular application, plan to pay two to five dollars per square foot. For mid-range concrete installation, you’ll pay six to ten dollars per square foot, while you can spend as much as 20 dollars or even more per square foot for a high range of uses. Nowadays, concrete staining Fort Worth is the most widely used method of enhancing residential and business concrete floors’ aesthetic quality. With Concrete Contractors Fort Worth, we know this very well, and thus we’ve invested heavily in the best tools, products, and skills which will help us keep up with the latest trends.

We’re plenty competent with our high-quality stains to include incredible hues of bold style accents, color, and even custom graphics. We apply stains to both brand new and existing floors, thus boosting the value of your home.  Learn more about us by visiting our About Us page.